Code Your Art.

The Art and Coding Camp is an opportunity for youth to explore how art can be transformed when incorporated into digital worlds.

NetLogo Projects


Exploring both traditional art and recent digital art, students will consider how digital forms can transform expression, and will learn how to become digital artists themselves, using the medium of computer programming. This camp is part of a larger project, called Computing and Mathematical Play Spaces (CAMPS), which is funded by the National Science Foundation.

In this camp, students will use a coding platform called NetLogo (, a free multi-agent programmable modeling environment developed by Uri Wilensky,  used by many tens of thousands of students, teachers and researchers worldwide.

NetLogo is powerful because it allows users to develop models of the world around them, which can be manipulated and changed based on the whims of the user or the world that the user is trying to represent.  Although NetLogo uses its own syntax, there is quite a bit of overlap with the assumptions and rules of other programming languages. Because NetLogo is free, anyone can use it by downloading it from the NetLogo site.

The 2018 Art and Coding Camp will be held June 11-15 from 9am-3pm and is free for all students. Lunch and snacks are provided, as well as all needed equipment.

Camp Registration for 2018 is closed!

The 2018 Art and Coding Camp registration is closed. For more information on the what the camp is, and future opportunities to participate, drop us a line!

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